Welcome to the IAGG e-TRIGGER AFMEE

The mission of IAGG e-TRIGGER is to deliver high quality of educational training in the field of gerontology and geriatrics worldwide.

With a focus on cultural relevance and interdisciplinary collaboration, course participants will benefit from comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge in a range of specific geriatric and gerontological topics, all delivered by distinguished experts in the field.

Through this program, participants from IAGG e-TRIGGER from Africa-Middle East-Europe (AFMEE) regions will gain the ability to critically assess current information and determine its relevance within their unique clinical, cultural, and societal contexts.

Join us in the 2nd edition of the IAGG AFMEE Course

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Sept. 2024

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Congratulations to all the awardees!
Award Ceremony June 20, 2:00 AM (Paris)The Director of the Federation of Geriatric Education, Prof. Jean-Pierre Michel, the President of the International...
Thursday 18 April, 2024
Thursday 18 April, 2024 Start times:14h00 - Paris, Geneva, RomePlease check the corresponding start time in your geographical area! Infectious diseases...
Thursday 21 March, 2024
Thursday 21 March 2024 Start times: 14h00 - Paris, Geneva, Rome Please check the corresponding start time in your geographical area! Cardio-vascular disorders...

Who Can Apply?

Physicians interested in aging and care of the old adults and who are on track to achieve academic tenure, professorship, or high-responsibility clinical positions.
Healthcare Professionals
Healthcare professionals, non-physician professionals, from various gerontological disciplines: Demography, Dentistry, Economy, Engineering, Ethics, Nursing, Nutrition, Pharmacy, Psychology, Rehabilitation, Sociology etc.
Experienced Professionals
Highly experienced health professionals engaged in community care and hospital management of older people.

Health Professionals Students
Health professionals students who are interested in geriatric medicine but do not have access to specialized instruction at school.



What We Offer?

Program Duration

12 monthly online training, organized by the IAGG Federation of Geriatric Education, with the contribution of the Regional IAGG Academy in Geriatrics and Gerontology.

Interactive Live Sessions

1 live session per month, lasting 3 hours.  Session is recorded to enable later viewing, in case of absence. Course language is English.

Each Session

3 distinguished international speakers, 3 case report presentations by Scholars and Trainees from different geographic time zones connected simultaneously.


Upon successful completion of 10 out of the 12 course quizzes, Trainees receive a prestigious IAGG-World certificate.