Thursday 22 February, 2024

Thursday 22 February 2024

Start times:
14h00 – Paris, Geneva, Rome
Please check the corresponding start time in your geographical area!

Three special issues
14h00-14h02 Introduction of the topic and expert Prof. Jaco Hoffmann (SA)
14h02-14h22 Social Resilience Prof. Martijn Huisman (NL)
14h22-14h55 Case report and Discussion Prof. Martijn Huisman (NL)
14h55-15h00 Short synthesis Prof. Jaco Hoffmann (SA)
15h00-15h02 Introduction of the topic and expert Prof. Dilek Aslan (TR)
15h02-15h17 The association between general and oral health in older people Prof. Marina Kotsani (GR)
15h17-15h32 Common oral problems in older people-The role of non-dental health care providers in oral health promotion Prof. Anastassia Kossioni (GR)
15h32-15h42 Case report Dr. Kalliopi Konstantopoulou (GR)
15h42-15h50 Discussion Dr. Najibe Assaad (LB)
15h50-15h55 Short synthesis Prof. Dilek Aslan (TR)
16h00-16h02 Introduction of the topic and expert Dr. Elie Stephan (LB)
16h02-16h22 Palliative care and the problem of dying Prof. Katarzyna SzczerbiƄska (PL)
16h22-16h32 Case report Dr. Najibe Assaad (LN)
16h32-16h55 Discussion Dr. Kalliopi Konstantopoulou (GR)
16h55-17h00 Short synthesis Dr. Elie Stephan (LB)
Online evaluation of the session by attendees and participants
Online control of knowledge to demonstrate the higher order thinking skills of the trainees.