Curriculum 2023-2024

The balance between gerontology and geriatric topics will be one third.
AFMEE IAGG e-TRIGGER  2023-24    
25 May Healthy Aging      
    A greying world Jaco Hoffman SA MD
    Definition of Healthy Aging M. Shawky Khater EG MD
    Lifestyle interventions to promote healthy ageing Matteo Cesari IT MD
22 June The relevance and management of Sarcopenia and Frailty      
    Sarcopenia Alfonso Cruz-Jentoft ES MD
    Physical frailty as a pre-disability stage Luigi Ferrucci NIA-USA MD
    Nutritional frailty Doha Rasheedy EG MD
20 July Public health      
    Primary health care and geriatric medicine Heba Saber SA MD
    Long term care in national health systems Dilek Aslan TR MD
    Use of digital technology and Geriatric Health Care Elias Stephan LN MD
24 August Cancers in Old adults      
    Definition, efficacy of Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment Eya Cherif SA MD
    Interdisciplinary team work in geriatric medicine Bianca Buurman NL MD
    Applications of CGA in oncogeriatrics Kamal Haddad LN MD
28 September Chronic diseases management      
    Prevention of chronic diseases to control multimorbidity Heba Tawfik SA MD
    Polypharmacy and deprescribing  Salwa Alsuwaidi UAE MD
    Socio-economic relevance of chronic diseases Abla Mehoi-Sibai LN D.Sc
19 October Cognitive Impairment and Dementia      
    Early diagnostic of cognitive decline and mild cognitive impairment Mohamed Khater EG MD
    Alzheimer disease and other dementias: from diagnosis to treatment Dina Zekri CH MD
    Living with Dementia – caregivers roles and socio cultural factors Rayne Stroebel SA MD
16 November Mental health      
    Impact of loneliness on mental health Imen Baati   D.Ss
    Depression Nicola Veronese IT MD
    Delirium Marc Combrinck SA MD
14 December Nutritional and metabolic disorders      
    Screening and assement of malnutrition Sonia Hammam ZN MD
    Physiological hormesis and hormetins Suresh Rattan NL D.Sc
    Epidemiology and Management of Diabetes Ligia Dominguez IT MD
18 January Vitamin D, osteoporosis and falls      
    Hypovitaminosis D Mario Barbagallo IT MD
    Falls Mouna  Snoussi TN MD
    Osteoporosis Jean-Yves Reginster BE MD
15 February Three special issues      
    Social resilience or Social Inequalities Martijn Huisman NL MD
    Oral Care Marina Kotsiani GR DDS
    Palliative care and the problem of dying K.Szczerbińska PL MD
21 March Cardio-vascular disorders      
    Hypertension Dr. Shaima Nabil Rohaiem EG MD
    Obesity Timo Strandberg SE MD
    Heart failure Ghassan Wafta SA MD
18 April Vaccines in Old adults      
    Significance of vaccines Jean Pierre Michel CH MD
    Vaccine Preventable Diseases Stefania Maggi IT MD
    Immunization, public health, economy and well-being Jeffrey Mphahlele   D.Sc
20 June Award Ceremony Online