Thursday 14 December 2023

Start times:
Careful! Note new start times due to change to winter time in Europe

14h00 – Paris, Geneva, Rome, Algiers, Tunis
13h00 – Dakar
15h00 – Cairo, Capetown, Johannesburg
16h00 – Kampala, Istanbul,  Riyadh
17h00 – Dubai

Nutritional and metabolic disorders
14h00-14h02 Introduction of the topic and expert Prof. Mouna Snoussi (TN)
14h02-14h22 Screening and assessment of malnutrition Prof. Sonia Hammami (TN)
14h22-14h32 Case report Dr. Marie Lena Ohanian (FR)
14h32-14h55 Discussion Dr. Caterina Mandala (IT)
14h55-15h00 Short synthesis Prof. Mouna Snoussi (TN)
Short Break
15h00-15h02 Introduction of the topic and expert Prof. Mario Barbagallo (IT)
15h02-15h22 Physiological hormesis and hormetins Dr. Suresh Rattan (DK)
15h22-15h32 Case report Dr. Caterina Mandala (IT)
15h32-15h50 Discussion Dr. Meltem Sengelen (TR)
15h50-15h55 Short synthesis Prof. Mario Barbagallo (IT)
Short Break
16h00-16h02 Introduction of the topic and expert Prof. Joël Belmin (FR)
16h02-16h22 Epidemiology and Management of Diabetes Prof. Ligia J. Dominguez (IT)
16h22-16h32 Case report Dr. Meltem Sengelen (TR)
16h32-16h55 Discussion Dr. Marie Lena Ohanian (FR)
16h55-17h00 Short synthesis Prof. Joël Belmin (FR)
Online evaluation of the session by attendees and participants
Online control of knowledge to demonstrate the higher order thinking skills of the trainees.