Thursday 22 JUNE, 2023

Start times:
14h00 – Paris, Geneva, Rome, Capetown, Johannesburg
12h00 – Dakar
13h00 – Algiers, Tunis
15h00 – Kampala, Istanbul, Cairo, Riyadh
16h00 – Dubai

The relevance and management of sarcopenia and frailty
0 min Introduction of the topic and expert Jean-Pierre Michel
02 min Sarcopenia Alfonso Cruz-Jentoft
22 min Case report Heba Tawfik (EG)
32 min Discussion Wafa Letifi (TN)
52 min Short synthesis Jean-Pierre Michel
60 min Introduction of the topic and expert  
62 min Frailty Luigi Ferrucci
82 min Case report Wafa Letifi (TN)
92 min Discussion Elly El Khoury (LB)
112 min Short synthesis  
120 min Introduction of the topic and expert  
122 min Nutritional frailty Doha Rasheedy (EG)
142 min Case report Elly El Khoury (LB)
152 min Discussion Heba Tawfik (EG)
172 min Short synthesis  
Online evaluation of the session by attendees and participants
Online control of knowledge to demonstrate the higher order thinking skills of the trainees.